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Bring a friend contest

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Expired Bring a friend contest

Post by TPskaterPeyton on 7/23/2010, 3:03 am

The only way to enter, is to bring a friend on. We will check the registration IP address, so the friend you referred cannot live in your house.
Contest details:
1) If you brought a friend (Told him about this site (He/She must have registered)) then post a reply to this saying there Username.
2) Wait for a Staff member or Judge Moderator to confirm it by editing your post saying your ok, once that happens, your in!
You get 5 points for entering.
When you enter, you will be given a random number.
3 random numbers will be picked then.
they all get 35 coins.
Contest enteries will end when 10 people have joined.
Join num. Name random num.

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Expired Re: Bring a friend contest

Post by techguy1001 on 8/9/2010, 2:40 pm

This contest has expired. Check back soon for more contests!

Topic Locked and marked as expired

Bring a friend contest Techguy1001

Bring a friend contest Techus10

Bring a friend contest 2sb0i010

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