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Forum Rules 4.4

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Forum Rules 4.4 Empty Forum Rules 4.4

Post by techguy1001 on 7/1/2010, 7:17 pm

Hi Guest, thanks for taking the time to read this! Here are the forum rules. Please try your best to follow them. Thanks!

The Warning System:

Everyone starts out with a clean slate
Forum Rules 4.4 Warnfu10
First Warning received from a Moderator for breaking a Forum Rule
Forum Rules 4.4 Warn110
Second Warning
Forum Rules 4.4 Warn210
Third Warning
Forum Rules 4.4 Warn310
Fourth Warning you will be banned for 30 days
Forum Rules 4.4 Tempor10
After 30 days you will go back up to a red warning bar
Forum Rules 4.4 Warn310
If during any time after you have been banned once you get another warning, you will be permanently banned from the forum.
Forum Rules 4.4 Perman10

Personal flames: Flaming members is strictly prohibited. A personal flame is any attack against another person, for example, "you are an idiot".

Usernames aka Screen Names: must be child friendly. If your user name is not child friendly, it WILL be deleted as well as your account.

Double Posting: DO NOT double post, please only post each question once. If you double post one of the posts will be removed and you will receive a Warning. If you aren't sure where you post belongs. Just state that in your Post and a Moderator will move it to the proper Forum if needed.

Advertising: No advertising will be allowed. This includes contacting members via e-mail or PM. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate account suspension. If you wish to advertise your products, please become a site sponsor.

Exceptions:Links can be provided to help others, but outright advertising is strictly prohibited. However, you are allowed to post links to your forum in your signature. Only a few advertising banners will be allowed. If you post an image that links to your forum, it MUST be under 150x150 pixels. If it is not, your privileges to post a signature will be removed.

Hijacking Topics: Do not hijack others threads, if you have a question of your own, please start it on a new Topic.

Signatures: Please keep your signatures reasonably short and to the point. In addition, objectionable material must be kept out of your signature. The rule is child friendly content only in signatures.

No advertising banners over 150x150 pixels in signatures. Text links to personal sites are ok.

Avatars: Avatars MUST also be child friendly. No sexual content what so ever will be tolerated. This will include, but is not limited to, Photoshop pictures, cartoons, and tattoos.

No advertisements in avatars.

Flaming other Forums: No flaming of other forums allowed!

To Report a Post and/or Inappropriate Content: Click the "Report" button at the top of a post. If it is red, that means that it has already been reported and therefore cannot be reported again.

Cursing: As there may be younger people reading the messages posting here, swearing must be kept to a “PG-13” level. Any violation in this will result in a waring or a serious warning -- it is up to the moderator.

Grounds for Immediate Ban:

1. Posts containing private information about another member.

2. Theft of another member's forum identity. Any impersonation of a member of this forum in any manner is strictly prohibited.

3. Multiple memberships. Only one account per person is allowed without prior authorization from an administrator.

Moderators will remove disruptive members.

All punishments for rules violations are left up to the discretion of the Moderators. If something isn't covered here, the moderators will decide the best course of action.

Screen Name Changes:

Your screen name can only be changed by the Administrator if the following conditions are met:
a. Inappropriate Member ID.
b. Mistake at creation (new members -- under 3 posts only).
You will need to PM the Administrator if you meet one of the stated reasons.

Exceptions: If you have posted more than 3 posts and you still wish to change your screen name, then you can visit the GC-Store and purchase the username change.

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