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Game Requesting

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Game Requesting

Post by techguy1001 on 7/6/2010, 1:38 pm

Here you can request game trials or game reviews and other members will try to assist you. Here we will you topic icons to let other members know the progress of the topic. The topic icons goes as follows:

Once you post your topic it will have no icon
After a moderator looks at it he will either mark it as:
-Next Inline:
or he will Decline it:

If he marks it as next inline, that will mean that the moderator is currently working on another request, bt he accepts it and will do it as soon as possible.

If he marks it as In Progress, that means that he is currently working on your request and will be done soon.

If the moderator declines your request, that means that it is too hard to design or there is something wrong with it. It will then be moved to the garbage.

Once the request is completed, the moderator will mark it as complete and will add it to the "Completed Requests folder":

Note that the moderator will not move your request to the completed requests folder unless you have stated that it is complete.

Member can also request a game designer to make them a game. Members can only do this once a month, and not every request will be accepted. Not more than 2 requests can be active at a time.

Alert Note: At the moment there are no game designers, so all game requests will be declined

Have fun!

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